May 28, 2010

By Lorraine Cyr

No action is worse than wrong action!

As I sat and watched President Obama talk about the oil spill, I kept thinking that he is so wrong in his decisions about this oil spill.  All of his “experts” thinking and thinking with no actions being taken.  If as he said this was his number one priority since day one then why did it take 5 plus weeks for them to try this Top Kill method?  Why is the Army, Navy and everyone else not down in the gulf coast building sand barriers to keep the oil out of the Marsh lands? Why are there no more ships in the Ocean skimming the oil up? 

No action is worse than wrong action!

As the President pointed out we have never had a spill this deep in the Ocean before.  No one knows what will or will not work.

The experts said that it would take too long to build a sand barrier to protect the Marsh lands well the spill is now going on 6 weeks and it will take years to remove the oil damage from the Marshlands.  If the State were allowed to build the barrier and it did not work then they would be able to say “It did not work, but we tried” right now they are saying “It would have worked, but we were not ALLOWED to try” which is causing so many bad feelings.  A sand barrier might have kept the oil and chemicals out of the wet lands, would act as a filter to keep the chemicals out and yes that is a lot of coast but I for one would rather spend American dollars here than in Iraq! 

No action is worse than wrong action!

I have not seen one picture of a navy ship working on oil clean up in the Ocean.  WHY? We know that the chemicals used to disperse the oil are bad for you.  The President asked BP to stop using them.  WHY are they still being used?  What harm will this cause us 5 years from now? 10 years from now?  Will it be like the PCB that polluted our rivers and now there are warnings “DO NOT EAT THE FISH”? What harm will all this cause to the fish and other wild life?

At this point we all know that there are more WHY questions than answers. So it seems to me that when an entire State asks for one small barrier reef to be built the answer should have been “LETS DO IT!” instead of  “NO, that will take too long” “we don’t think it will work” or any of the other excuses that were given. Just the act of letting all the locals band together to build the sand barrier would go a long way in helping the families of the affected area feel less helpless and that they had some control. And who knows MAYBE IT WOULD HAVE WORKED!

I would rather be saying: “it did not work let try something else” rather than “I wish we had”



  1. I hope BP tanks. Just when you thought that investment bankers were the scum of the earth, the oil industry steps in to take #1.

    • It’s a shame that OUR Country has let this get SOOOO out of hand!

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