January 27, 2010

At Lorraine Cyr Management Group we realize that property management is full of problems. Seldom do we get calls that say “we love the flowers you planted” One way to keep our employees from getting “Burned Out” is with training. Problems are just problems that need solutions. Below is a story that we share with each other after a day full of problems.

A traveler, fleeing a lion that was chasing him, ran ‘till he came to the edge of a cliff. There he caught hold of a thick vine and swung himself over the edge. Above him the lion snarled. Below him, he heard another snarl and behold, there was another lion, peering up at him. The vine suspended him midway between two lions. Two mice, a white mouse and a black mouse, began to gnaw at the vine. He could see they were quickly eating it through. Then in front of him on the cliffside he saw a luscious bunch of grapes. Holding onto the vine with one hand, he reached out and picked the grapes with the other. How delicious!

The liberating message of this story teaches us that life is sweet and meant to be appreciated, not rejected, savored, not hurried through, celebrated, and not mourned. If problems seem to be too much as with the two tigers, take a break, share the problem and a solution will be found. Even with the earth quake there were numerous stories of celebration for the small victories. We know that many problems can be prevented with a little forethought, a little planning and a little hard work.


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