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January 17, 2010

By Lorraine Cyr Property Management   

Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. – Benjamin Disraeli  



In property management lack of action causes all sorts of things (usually bad) to happen.  An action even if it ends up being the wrong action is movement toward a solution.  

For example the light is out in the 2nd floor stairwell and you walk by thinking that someone else has called it in.  Everyone that notices the light thinks the same way and the light does not get fixed.  (no action)   Three days later the light is still out and you call management and complain that the cleaning people are not doing their job because the light in your hallway has been out for three days now.  (wrong action – complaint with blame) The Property Manager receives the complaint and checks into the problem to find out that the cleaning company has changed the light bulb on the second day, which was their normal cleaning day but has not been back in building to see that it was out again.  Now the action is up to your Property Manager:  

1)      No action  – thinking the cleaning crew did not change light bulb they will fix it tomorrow when they clean or;  

2)      Action – call electrician to look at fixture and see if there is a problem with the light.  

At Lorraine Cyr Management Group our Property Managers get an email from our cleaning crews with a report of action items for work completed in the building.  With a log book on site at all properties we can check to see that they were in the building and with the email report of findings (ie the light is out) our Property Manger now knows to call in the electrician to check the fixture.  Without the log in book and email report it would be easy for the cleaning crew to say they cleaned when they had not been in the building.  We also encourage everyone to call in any problems or changes that they notice in their building  no matter how small.