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January 10, 2010

Drip… drop… drip… drop…  


By Lorraine Cyr  

Money down the drain


Let’s assume the following: 50 unit apartment building, 4 units have a dripping or running faucet.  Let’s also assume that this drip takes 2 hours to fill a gallon jug. This means that each unit wastes 12 gallons per day.  If you were to buy this much water at a store it would cost you $20 per day ($1.60 per gallon including tax) or $80 per day for all four units and over $28,000 per year!  Now the real cost is actually less because we buy our water from a city but the amount is still significant and in the thousands of dollars and not only a few hundred.  If the water that is dripping is hot water the cost goes up even higher by the time you heat it. (never mind the waste of natural resources)  

When I do this math problem at a Membership meeting and see all the light bulbs going ON (higher water bill=higher rent) it is truly amazing.  At Lorraine Cyr Management Group a lot of our Associations are first time home owners and they do not associate this hidden cost in why there condo fees keep going up.  When we go to the sink and turn the water on and then answer the phone and talk without turning the water off, or while doing the dishes leave the water running to help a child with math problem it is the same thing as the dripping faucet. With the water running even at half open you can waste 12 gallons in just minutes.  When you do the math for this type of waste and assume each of the 50 families waste at least 12 gallons per day even at a cost of 3 cents per gallon this is $6,400 per year.  

If you are living in an older building which does not have a hot water circulation system the cost of adding one is paid back within 2 years in savings on the water and heating bills.  When an Association says to me that they cannot afford to fix the leaky faucets, I say how can you not!  

Thinking Green is not just a momentary thing that you think about only when you turn out the lights when you leave a room, but a new way of living that is planet friendly.