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COMMUNICATION? > COMUNICACION? > &#@%? > Understanding One Another

January 9, 2010

COMMUNICATION?  > COMUNICACION? > &#@%?  > Understanding One Another

 By Lorraine Cyr

Shouting Never Works

Association Members must talk with their Property Manager.   If you are a member of a condo association or cooperative and your Board has not called a meeting in months this is a RED FLAG.  The major reason a Board stops calling meetings is there is a problem.   The most common problem seems to be lack of time, lack of member participation and sometimes money problems. 

Your management company can suggest a meeting but does not hold the power to call a meeting.   If you live in an Association which has not had a meeting for a while read your By-laws and know your rights.  Ask for copies of financial reports.   Ask for a meeting, first a friendly verbal request and if that does not work then ask for one in writing.  If there is still no meeting then you will have to follow your By-Laws, get enough of your neighbors to sign a letter requesting a meeting and then mail it to the Board Secretary.

 At Lorraine Cyr Management Group we try not to let our Associations get to this point.   We encourage participation by having pot luck meetings where everyone brings a dish to share.  Once in a while the pizza is on us.  One of our groups has a raffle with a $50 gift card from the local grocery store.  We stick to an agenda and we try to limit the items to an hour.  We arrive a half hour early and encourage our Board Members to arrive early also.  This is the time we encourage everyone to have something to eat; we try to solve any problems or complaints during this time while people are arriving.  If we find that a member wants to voice their concerns loudly and over and over again in the meeting we ask them to stay after the meeting and hear them out.  We have to remember that living in an Association is like have a large family and everyone knows what everyone is doing.  And like family members you can’t chose your neighbor.    LCM Property Managers find a spirited debate will clear the air so a solution can be found.  Our number one rule is that language must be clean and the complaint can’t be personal. 

LCM sends out notices of meetings, posts flyers in the common areas and even calls members to remind them of the meetings.  If we see a Board is having a hard time getting the members to attend we will have guest speakers or offer a surprise to the member who brings the most neighbors to a meeting.

Minutes from meetings are typed up and distributed to the membership.   LCM emails the minutes to members with email addresses on file and we ask these members to give copies of the minutes to members who are not on the list.