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CONGRSTULATIONS! You’ve been approved to move in!

January 2, 2010


By Lorraine Cyr

You have been approved to move in, now what?

TO MAKE SURE YOUR MOVE-IN DATE GOES SMOOTHLY, please consider the following:

1.Make sure your security deposit/membership fee is paid within 15 days of your approval letter.

2.Let your leasing agent know what date you will be moving in.

3.Ask for a copy of your lease/occupancy agreement to review prior to your move-in date. READ IT and ask questions, resolve issues before the moving truck is packed and you have few options.

4.Do your move-in inspection at least 5 days before your move-in date. This way any minor problems can be resolved before you move-in.

5.Give notice to your utility companies of your move and what date to disconnect/reconnect your services. The gas company can take as long as a week to provide you service. By planning ahead you can schedule all your services (phone, cable, electric and gas) for the same morning.

6.Change your address with as many people as possible (banks, credit card companies, magazines, etc.) Then a few days before the move change your address with the post office. This can be done online at

7.Don’t forget to schedule your move-out inspection with your old landlord! MOVE IN DAY!!! YES! The day before you can sign your lease/occupancy agreement and pick up your keys. Move-in times are Monday through Saturday 7am to 9pm. If you or your moving company needs to block off street parking consult with your leasing agent to see which police district to apply for permit. If your building has an elevator please follow the directions that were given to you by your leasing agent.



If your management company is not handling your move-in’s in an efficient way then what makes you think they can keep your tenants when the lease is up. If your tenants are only staying for the 1 year lease then you are losing money. The average turn around time (from move out to new move-in) is 3 months or longer.  At $800 a month this adds up. Then you add to cost of fresh paint, new carpet and the money for your first 6 months of rent are going to cover the move-in only.

If you want a management company that focuses on the entire picture and not just the dollars in vs. the dollars out try Lorraine Cyr Management Group. Give us a call we would love to talk with you!